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It is opined that for every idea there must be some growing concerns and issues that such idea or concept seeks to address.

The spate of inter-religious and communal clashes in Nigeria and other African nations which have claimed millions of lives and properties worth billions of dollars need much to be desired.

Furthermore, the indiscriminate destructions, widely acclaimed to be motivated by religion, as a result religious extremism and terrorism, insurgency and counter-insurgency, coupled with re-appraisals in other parts of the country, exhibited through religious hate, bigots, indiscrimination, neglect, etc needs urgent attention. Hence, a critical and proactive approach must be sought.

Overall Goal: is to Build a nation where people could have freedom to exercise their religious and cultural rights without fear.

Mission Statement: “Creating a shift in the value system to promote quality religious and cultural relations by educating, engaging and empowering individuals, groups and leaders to create institutional changes that will transform communities to provide fuller opportunities for all”


Understanding word views, paradigm shift and diversity. Religions in world views and their growing importance in the world politics

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Conflict Prevention

  • Religious literacy and understanding
  • Engaging all stakeholder
  • Strategic action plan for cultural
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Good Governance

Political Leaders must have a clear responsibilities to shoulder the enormous challenges attached to public offices. Accountability and ...

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Promotes quality inter religious relations by empowering individuals and leaders to create institutional ...

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