Religious Literacy and Understanding

  • Breaking the vicious circle of illiteracy
  • Building capacity of Leaders, individuals and institutions.
  • Promoting understandings among faiths and traditions.

Inter-religious/Cultural Dialogue and Mediation

  • Bringing warring communities to the dialogue and negotiation table
  • Identifying interests and concerns in conflicts
  • Deleting hate, bigots and discrimination and Stamping Love and Trust in the mind of the people

Peace & Reconciliation/Conflict Transformation

  • Engendering and entrenching Peace and Love
  • Reconciling communities in Conflicts & Crisis
  • Transforming Actors, Communities and Victims.

Good Governance

  • Advocating for quality & purposeful Leadership
  • Ensuring Transparency & Accountability in governance
  • Monitor and track government Performance(s).


  • Promoting Social Justice
  • Creating opportunities for all irrespective of religion, ethnic or status
  • Reducing economic gap between the rich and the poor.

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