Upcoming Events

  • Interfaith Forum on Hate Speech and Incitement to discrimination towards 2019 General Elections in Nigeria.

    The SDDC has designed a proposal on Hate Speech and submitted to the United Nations Office of Genocide Prevention for implementation. SDDC will also be attending a meeting of Religious Leaders in Africa on Hate Speech and Incitement to Discrimination that could lead to atrocity crime in Africa. The event holds in Vienna, Austria from February 13 - 15 2018.
  • International Tour of Religion and Cultural Diversity of Germany. SDDC will hold an International Tour in Berlin, Germany from February 15 - 20, 2018 to learn from the German Diversity.
  • The African Development Forum 2018: International Conference, Berlin Germany. March 6 - 9, 2018. The African Development Forum has invited the SDDC as partner and Participant at the 2018 International Conference on "The Political, Economic and Cultural Dimensions. SDDC hereby invites interested Nigerians to participate at the Forum.
  • The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) will hold another conference "Berlin Economic Forum 2018 on Sustainable Business and Responsible Investment" from March 9 - 11, 2018. SDDC hereby invites interested Nigerians to participate at the Forum.
  • SDDC holds its 5th International Workshop on Religion, Peace Negotiation and Counter-Violent Extremism at the Center for Peace, Democracy and Developmnet, University Massachusetts, Boston, USA in conjuction with Harvard University, Cambridge, Boston, MA, USA from March 27 - 1st April, 2018. Interested Participants should contact us for details.