KAICIID Fellow: "This Programme Has Taught Me A Lot About Dedication, Patience, Committment And Collaboration"
Abdul Kareem, Founder and Co-Executive Director of the Strength in Diversity Development Centre and the Interreligious Coalition Against Corruption in Nigeria said the Fellows Programme had allowed him to focus on his career while encouraging interreligious dialogue among his community.

“To be selected as one of the 25 beneficiaries among 500 applicants is really an honour for me and as such, a turning point in my career. The level of organization and coordinate of the whole impactful year of the fellowship is really commendable and has actually taught me a lot about dedication, patience, commitment and collaboration; especially among the facilitators, Programme Director and the KAICIID team.”

He continued: “The KAICIID Fellows programme actually changed my plans and focus on my career by using my communication skills to enhance IRD in my country.”

KAICIID’s 2023 International Fellows programme la