The Strength in Diversity Development Centre (SDDC), is an initiative of some faith based organizations in Nigeria, and like-minds whose ideals were basically to promote inter-religious and cultural collaborations with the vision to strengthen diversities for the entrenchment of Religious and Cultural freedom, building bridges of Respect, Tolerance and Acceptance; and Conflict Transformation for national cohesion and prosperity.

The idea started as a project “Strength in Diversity Project” in June, 2013 at the end of an International Peace Summit held at the Stafford Convention Centre, Houston Texas, U.S.A., where a Strategic Action & Implementation Plan, a road map for interfaith collaboration and Religious understanding for peaceful co-existence in Nigeria was evolved.

Hence, faith based organizations that have been working on inter-religious and intercultural dialogue and mediation as well as peace and conflict negotiation and prevention together with some notable International NGOs, institutions and governments came together to establish the Centre.

The strength in Diversity Development Centre is envisioned
“To Promote Sustainable Development through Effective Management of our Diversity

“Creating a shift in the value system to promote quality religious and cultural relations by educating, engaging and empowering individuals, groups and leaders to create institutional changes that will transform communities to provide fuller opportunities for all.

“Strengthening Diversity for Collective Prosperity”