Venue: World Bank HQ, Washington DC (2-210) Date: Tuesday, 15 October 2019 Time: 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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    World Bank HQ, Washington DC (2-210)

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    15 October 2019

About Event

Event Objectives and Expected Results
1. Make the case for securing better outcomes for poverty alleviation, revitalizing partnerships and strategic synergies between faith actors and multilateral agen cies, to achieve development. This will result in advoca cy actions by faith actors, towards the same.
2. Catalyze debate on how to best spur faith actors' contribution towards ending extreme poverty through collaboration between faith actors and multilateral agencies at country and regional levels; and with special referencing to inclusive development, scaling-up investments in human capital development, women and gender equality, and child poverty. This will result in increased commitment and effort to gain 'faith literacy' among multi-lateral agencies, including knowledge on the various faith organs and how best to work with faith actors.
3. Nurture new spaces for regional and in-country dialogues on development outcomes among faith actors and the multinational and global development community. This will result in heightened collaboration, particularly at country level.
Event Description
The session shall reflect on the questions below:
How can a convergence of multilateral agencies and the conviction and institutional assets of faith catalyze efficiencies and better (country level) outcomes for development?
How can faith actors and multilateral agencies best seek each other's strengths and competencies to accelerate the realization of shared development objectives?

(1 hour 30 min)
Session Person Responsible
3 minutes Welcome Remarks Ms. Mercy Niwe, Global Faith Engagement Lead, World Bank Group
3 minutes Introduction and Objectives of the session Event Moderator: Fred Nyabera, Director, Arigatou International - End Child Poverty
15 minutes Keynote Address; Setting the Scene: Faith and multilateral cooperation on sustainable development, eradicating extreme poverty and growing human capital Dr. Katherine Marshall, Executive Director, World Faiths Development Dialogue
Panel Discussions
7 minutes Collaboration for advocacy towards investing in children and women, to advance human capital development and overcome poverty Panelist 1: H.E Aja Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang, Former Vice President, the Republic of Gambia
7 minutes Collaboration to promote inclusive growth and alternative financial intermediation for development Panelist 2: Peter Prove, Director, WCC Commission of the Churches on International Affairs
7 minutes Experience Sharing: Interfaith Collaboration in Nigeria Panelist 3: Imam Shefiu Abdulkareem Majemu, Founder and Co-Executive Director, Strength in Diversity Development Centre, Nigeria
Scenario Shaping
45 minutes Claiming the Future: Dynamics for partnerships and collaboration
Q&A and feedback on the panel discussion
Session Moderator: Fred Nyabera Director, Arigatou International - End Child Poverty
7 minutes Way Forward and Concluding Remarks The International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD)


Ms. Mercy Niwe,

Global Faith Engagement LeadWorld Bank Group and Senior Social Economist and International Development Expert

Dr. Katherine Marshall,

Senior Fellow, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs,

H.E Aja Fatoumata C.M.,

Former Vice President of the Republic of Gambia

Peter Prove,

Director, International Affairs, World Council of Churches (WCC)

Imam Shefiu Abdulkareem,

Executive Director, Strength in Diversity Development Centre

Fred Nyabera,

Director, Arigatou International - End Child Poverty